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200 mg/ml Sodium thiosulfate + 22 mg/ml Sodium glutamate
Solution for injection


4 mg/ml Dexamethasone phosphate
Solution for injection 

20 mg/ml Diphenhydramine hydrochloride 
Solution for injection 

On-farm test for detection of mastitis

Ointment with enzymes

8/16g /100 ml Formic acid/ Lactic acid
Oral solution

20 mg/ml Meloxicam
Solution for injection

2 mg/ml Meloxicam
Solution for injection

1 mg/ml Povidone-iodine
Solution for oral, external, intrauterine administration

Solution for oral administration and flushing of water-supply systems

Lactic acid 5% + Formic acid 1%
Oral solution

0,3 g Dimethyl sulfoxide + 0,03 g Potassium iodide