Feed additives

water-soluble multivitamin and amino acids blend for animals and poultry

concentrated Vitamin B Complex

concentrated solution of biologically active substances

water-soluble A, D3, E and Selenium

minerals solution 

milk replacer for calves from the 5th week to 3 months of age

milk replacer for calves from the 4th day to the 5th week of life

essential vitamins, trace elements and carbohydrates for prevention of postnatal stress in cows in the first days after calving

50 mg/g Tylosin tartrate + 175 mg/g Sulfadimidine + 35 mg/g Trimethoprim + 300 000 IU/g Colistin sulfate Powder oral administration

50 g/ml L-carnitine + 200 mg/ml Magnesium + 220 g/ml Sorbitol + 30 mg/ml Cyanocobalamin + 
98 g/ml Calcium pantothenate + 20 g/ml Nicotinamide Oral solution

vitamins & minerals for dry cows formulated with carbs and fortified with Vitamin E and Selenium  

vitamins & minerals for high yielding cows formulated with carbs and fortified with sulfur 

vitamins & minerals formulated with carbs for cattle

feed additive for growth promotion and gastroenteritis control
treatment of scours in calves under 75 days of age

vitamins & minerals salt licks for calves formulated with carbs and fortified with biotin  

100 mg/ml Vitamin E + 0,5 mg/ml Selenium
Solution for subcutaneous, intramuscular, oral administration

solution for oral administration and flushing of water-supply systems

200 mg/ml Butafosfan + 0,15 mg/ml Cyanocobalamin + 10 mg/ml Taurine
Solution for oral administration